Old Sturbridge Village…

…is my new favorite place to take photographs!  Chuck and Rachel took my kids and I there yesterday afternoon and it is truly SUCH a beautiful place.

Here’s Natalie, who is getting SO big.  She’s learned to wave:


Joshua crackin’ up at his daddy:s1

Handsome Joseph:s3

All three:


These next two I couldn’t decide if I like better in color or black and white…so I put up both!



The boys:s6



And now……..my favorite shot of my kids:



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~Nick and Krysta~

Her small smile when he leans in to kiss her.  The way her eyes sparkle when he’s talking to her, as if he is the only one that matters.  The way he stands just a little taller with pride when she gazes up at him.  These are just a FEW of the many touching moments I saw between Nick and Krysta that just proved how crazy they are about each other.  I had such a fun evening with Nick, Krysta and their families. 

The beautiful bride:e3

A special bouquet:e10

I love the happiness on Krysta’s face during their first dance:e7

Nick with all the girls:bw5

I love these next two:e2



And the dip:e6

A funny moment during the best man’s toast:



Capped off the night with some great dancing:bw12

Nick and Krysta- Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a special occasion.  Have a blast on your honeymoon and we’ll catch up when you get back!

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Alina and Dmitriy

Today I had such an fun time shooting Alina and Dmitriy’s wedding.  We started off the day with their portraits (don’t knock it until you try it) and had so much fun.

Waiting on the boys:tbw11

The rings:tbw3

The Girls:t1

True Love:t2


One of my favorites:tbw4

At the Rose Garden- onlookers wanted in on the photo action:t6

So cute:t8

Thank you so much Alina and Dmitriy for the honor of being part of your beautiful day.  I loved getting to know you, your families and your culture! Enjoy your honeymoon- we’ll talk later!

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*Chuck and Rachel*

I know as Rachel is reading this post she’s probaby already wondering what on earth I’m gonna say about her kids (in particular one little 10 month old!).  Rest easy, Rachel- I LOVE ’em!  What a fun, crazy, loud, busy time we had hanging out at the beach yesterday afternoon!

We worked hard, and it paid off.  Check out this little cutie!


All the big kids went crazy when we first got there…I think they’ve been cooped up in the house too long:


Sandy toes (Joseph’s):


Fun with daddy:



All three just chillin’ on the beach:


Footprints in the sand:


What a fun day!


Chuck and Rachel- I had SO much fun!  Can’t wait for next week- love you guys!

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Shannon and Matt

Today my family and I had SUCH an awesome time crashing Shannon and Matt’s house (and if you know my children you know that “crashing” is used in a very literal way).  I have known Shannon since college and it was so amazing to get to meet her wonderful husband and gorgeous kids.  We had their family photo session and then we stayed for hours and caught up on our lives. 

This little beauty is Shannon and Matt’s daughter, Kennah (p.s. that AWESOME dress was made by Shannon- you can get a little glimpse of her work here).  Shannon made my daughter, Jasmin some AMAZING boutique clothing that you will most definitely see featured on this blog VERY soon 🙂


Such a gorgeous girl:bw2

And let’s not forget Ellah!  She is a firecracker and a half:e3

Little Miss Sweet Cheeks!bw4

Ellah is a SERIOUS Daddy’s girl:bw7

Beautiful family:bw5

Love this of Shannon and Matt:bw6

Shannon and Matt- thank you both for such a wonderful day of fun, food and laughter!  (Matt- I refrained from posting the pool pics 🙂  Can’t wait to visit with you all again!

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Today was such a beautiful day to hang out at the park with this little cutie and her mommy.  I can’t believe how much she has grown since the last time I saw her.  It took Noelle a little while to warm up to me:


Seriously- how beautiful are these two?!e8

One of my favorites so far:bw3

And some color:e4

I just love the emotion from these two….such love…bw5

Check out the baby blues on this little one!e7

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Tara and Jeff

Last week I was able to shoot Tara and Jeff’s amazingly beautiful day!  The weather was perfect and that was a relief because the ceremony was held outdoors.  It was a beautiful ceremony and very intimate and personal.

Tara before the ceremony:p3

The beautiful and very yummy cake:p7

Before the exchange of rings:pbw22

So happy together:p1




And one of my favorites:p2

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